Mentors, Tutors, Coaches & More

Our schools are always in need of mentors, reading buddies, coaches, & club leaders.

A Title 1 principal said to us, “just get me more adults through the doors of my school and our kids will stand a better chance of success.” That says a lot. The great teachers and staff in these schools need more help from our community. They cannot do this alone, and if a child stands a better chance of success – with our involvement – it is time to get involved.

Every principal tells us there is no bigger need than to recruit more mentors into schools.

Graduation rates go up with 91% of mentees graduating on time (which is higher than the SFSD graduation rate).

A mentor commits to spend one hour a week in the school with their assigned mentee. That hour can be spent talking, having lunch, playing a game, etc. A child just needs you there for them. This one hour a week, can make all the difference in a child’s life.

Schools also need adult volunteers to be reading tutors, coaches of all kinds and leaders for multi-week clubs like a craft club,
cooking club, Lego league and about any talent you might be able to offer.

Please consider being an adult role model for our kids.

To sign up, click on one of the links below.