“Exploding poverty rates is why we created the Promising Futures Fund.”

– Steve Hildebrand, Founder

Poverty rates in the Sioux Falls School District have climbed from 38% to its current rate of 48%.

High rates of poverty and diversity have made the Sioux Falls School District a true urban center. Across the District, nearly 50% of students qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch – the best marker to understand poverty. Many Sioux Falls elementary and middle schools have poverty rates as high as 80%-100%. Diversity rates are also high.

In just 10 years, when our current 3rd graders become seniors, our School District will be a majority minority district. This is our new reality.

A child growing up in poverty will likely start kindergarten behind other students. They likely didn’t attend pre-school. Maybe they weren’t read to as a child or came from a home where children’s books weren’t plentiful. Some kids may not speak English or have parents who don’t.

This poverty disadvantage is exactly why we started the Promising Futures Fund.

Bringing equity to their education and their experiences is our top priority for kids living in poverty.

Poverty Rates in Neighboring Districts

  • Brandon 6% 6%
  • Hartford 9% 9%
  • Humbolt 11% 11%
  • Harrisburg 15% 15%
  • Tea 18% 18%
  • Dell Rapids 18% 18%
  • Canton 19% 19%
  • Sioux Falls 47% 47%

 Contributing to the
Promising Futures Fund

The Promising Futures Fund is a fund of the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation. Donations to the Promising Futures Fund are used exclusively to support low-income students and schools with high rates of poverty in the Sioux Falls School District. We are proud to be part of the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation and a strong community partner of the Sioux Falls School District.

Steve Hildebrand, Founder

Promising Futures Fund Board of Directors

We are a volunteer-driven organization with nearly 100% of your donation going directly toward helping low-income kids get a more equitable education and expand their experiences.

Steve Hildebrand, Chair

Julian Beaudion

Naomi Blank

Tamien Dysart

John Henkhaus

Rick Kiley

John Lust

Cynthia Mickelson

Jan Nicolay

Nathan Peterson

Catherine Piersol

Sherri Rotert

Eric Schulte

Andrew Siebenborn

Tom Stritecky

Carl Wynia